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eFootball 2024 review

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Update Overview


We know that after every football season, football games release an update in their game in order to give the mascots, uniforms, and players for each authentic team in the game. eFootball 2024 is no exception to this trend, with its latest update offering an impressive array of realistic team mascots, accurately replicated uniforms, and player rosters that mirror real-life football teams. This attention to detail enhances the overall gaming experience, making it feel like you are truly a part of the football world. With each passing season, eFootball continues to raise the bar in terms of authenticity, making it a must-play for any football enthusiast.

Gameplay and Mechanics


  • Ball control and dribbling have been greatly improved, allowing players to carry the ball with finer touches.
  • Response for mid-air balls has been enhanced, providing players with more options in such situations.
  • New shooting motions have been added for close-range shots with weak power gauge input, prioritizing quick kicks.


  • New blocking motions and timing adjustments have been implemented to improve the ability to block the ball.
  • Clearances have been adjusted to prioritize speed rather than distance, preventing the opposition from reclaiming possession.


  • Goalkeepers now have new punching motions, enhancing their ability in air battles within the box.

   Ball Control and Goal Awareness:

  • Players now receive passes with greater awareness of the direction of the goal.
  • Automatic ball control in the direction of the goal has been implemented when no directional input is performed.
  • Players are less likely to take a touch with their backs towards the goal or attempt unnatural kicks.

New Features 

New VS AI Matches with Lifelike Mentality:

  • The opposition’s footballing mentality in VS AI Matches has been redesigned to make more appropriate decisions.
  • AI players may perform actions such as feints, intense dribbling, or lofted passes to open the pitch.
  • Difficulty balance of each Match Level has been adjusted.

“Boosters” is an exciting new feature introduced in the game that enhances certain player stats, allowing them to perform beyond the normal ceiling of 99. This addition brings a new level of individuality and customization to the gameplay experience.

The game offers various types of boosters, each enhancing specific player stats. For example, the “Free-kick Taking” booster enhances stats like finishing, set piece taking, curl, and kicking power. The “Technique” booster improves ball control, dribbling, tight possession, and low pass skills. The “Agility” booster focuses on speed, acceleration, balance, and stamina.

The PlayStation Network™ invite function is now available on various platforms, including PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, and Steam®. The game has undergone several gameplay adjustments and modifications based on user feedback, focusing on improving play control liberty for better chance creations and defensive adjustments to accommodate attacking plays.


Changes to Sharp Touch:

  • The default Sharp Touch command has been changed to pressing the Dash button twice to avoid unintentional triggers.
  • Players can still choose the original method of input if preferred.

Form of Players:

  • Players with “Standard” or “Inconsistent” Form are less likely to be in “Poor” or below Conditions.
  • Probability of “Poor” or below Conditions has been reduced for these players, while conditioning probability for “Unwavering” Form players remains unchanged.
  • Players with “Inconsistent” Form and a “B” or higher Live Update Rating will have their Conditions set to “Normal” or above.

Overall, the update focuses on improving play control, responsiveness, and realism in various aspects of the game, providing players with a better chance to create and enjoy their gameplay experience.

The game’s latest update includes several changes across platforms, including modifying the overall rating algorithm, removing “Team Playstyle Level” and “Team Playstyle Proficiency,” renaming Challenge Events to “Themed Events,” adding weather options, moving base team settings to the Game Plan, and enhancing Authentic Teams.

The game has been updated across multiple platforms, including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, Steam, iOS, and Android. Notable additions include in-game assets and data carryover, licenses, and changes to Czechia’s country name. Data elements have been updated, enhancing the visual and audio experience. New season data updates for various leagues have been incorporated, ensuring an immersive and up-to-date gaming experience across platforms.


Players’ kicking motions have been adjusted based on Player Stats, and goalscoring issues have been resolved. Positioning has been adjusted for easier possession reclaim and avoiding unreasonable blocks. Goalkeepers have been re-implemented for better decision-making. Fouls have been made fairer, and controls have been improved. Additional gameplay enhancements include adjusting the cursor for defensive situations, reducing Stamina consumption, and adjusting player forms for improved conditions.

Player performance and accuracy have been improved by adjusting player positioning, man-marking, and the frequency of substitutions for AI-controlled teams. The AI in VS AI matches has been adjusted to make more appropriate decisions and actions. The “Off the Ball Controls” command has been removed during set pieces, and the default Sharp Touch command has been changed to “pressing Dash twice”.


The application may crash due to various platform errors, including online IDs, play feedback, offside traps, “DF Line Control” play feedback, goal celebrations, kicking users, incorrect player or manager actions, and incorrect text display in certain languages. Issues with online IDs, offside traps, player names, game plan changes, opposition goalkeeper, motionless “Control Guide,” play feedback, game plan changes, screen darkening before match, and incorrect text display in certain languages.

Personal Opinion on eFootball 2024

eFootball 2024 offers a realistic football experience with detailed team mascots, uniforms, and player rosters. It improves game mechanics like ball control, dribbling, and shooting, making it more fluid and responsive. The redesigned AI in VS AI matches is lifelike, making each match unpredictable and challenging. The introduction of Boosters adds depth and customization, allowing for a more personalized approach to team building and player development. Overall, eFootball 2024 offers a realistic and authentic football experience.

eFootball 2024 has strengths, but occasional crashes and bugs can disrupt the gaming experience. Future updates should focus on technical stability. The game’s complexity for newcomers can be daunting, as the steep learning curve may take some time for them to fully grasp its intricacies. Addressing these areas can improve the overall gaming experience.

eFootball 2024 is a remarkable football video game that offers a challenging and rewarding experience that mirrors the real world of football. Although there are areas for improvement, the overall package is impressive. It is a must-try for any football enthusiast, offering depth and excitement that keeps players engaged for hours. Whether a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, eFootball 2024 promises an immersive experience that is as close to the real thing as possible.

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Table of Contents

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